Kitchen Designer

The Virtual Kitchen designer will help you to visualize the granite countertop color that you have selected with you cabinet, wall and backsplash options. Enjoy!

Virtual Kitchen designer Save time in the slab yard!

Know your colors before you go. When you go to view your slabs you can be overwhelmed by all of the options and colors and textures from all the materials you will see. If you have a couple colors that are your favorite or at least you know generally to the color that you want this will make your time in the stone slab yard more efficient.

Virtual Kitchen designer Saves Money!

When you know which colors you want and have an idea of the level of material you can afford you can save a lot of money. Slab yards are full of some very interesting options. as an example absolute black price is different than black pearl which is different than all the other black granite you will see. The price of a slab of granite is not based on the color, many factors go into determining the price for examples. The origin, the quality or grade, the cost to transport from origin, the demand, the availability all factor into the price of a single slab of natural stone.

Kitchen Designer

With the virtual kitchen designer you are able to view many granite countertop colors associated with your cabinet and wall colors. The focus of this tool in on the granite countertop colors rather than specific cabinet lines and wall color options. We are focused on helping you make the right stone selection for your kitchen.

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