About Us

OwnerMy name is Gregory Farris and I have been in the stone and tile industry for over thirty years. I learned from masters in the art of stone and tile taking on experience handed down from generations. As my education progressed so did my interest in the Mediterranean style with monolithic pieces. I began learning from a local French Artisan, although there was a language barrier, the work accomplished through his hands and his minds eye taught volumes. I took this education and offered it to both of my sons Clint and Ryan.Clint has taken what he learned from me and went up north. My youngest son Ryan has worked by my side for fifteen years. He truly has turned stone fabrication into an art. It is my joy to work every day with my son and watch with admiration the perfection he brings to the table. My son and I bring to you decades of experience in every job performed. I invite you to come in as Ryan forms your stone and watch his mastery of the trade. We welcome your input as your vision for your home is being molded. The beauty of stone and how it accentuates the uniqueness of your home has always intrigued me.

Ryan and I take pleasure in delivering my seasoned perspective combined with his contemporary outlook to your commercial project. It’s our goal to transform your home or business into a room you can be proud of.

Gregory Farris

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